Bikini Picks ’17

Hi all! I’m spending memorial day weekend back home in Kansas City and it has been so great to reset for my upcoming trips. I’ve received a lot of questions about where my bikinis are from, so I wanted to follow up with a full post with links to where I’ve gotten my recent suits. Enjoy!

The Simple Bikini – On sale for $15!!! I have this suit in 5-6 different colors. It’s super simple and does the job. I prefer styles that have less going on and this one fits that perfectly. The straps are more like a bra and they don’t tie around your neck. This bikini doesn’t slide in the front and it has little to no padding. To me, it’s like a low maintenance girl. What you see is what you get.  Plus, you can get it on amazon…. so with Prime it arrives in 2 days!

IMG_1679 (1)

FullSizeRender (89)

The Little Cutie – $13.99!! I haven’t tested it out much yet so the verdict is still out… so far, definitely thinking it is a winner! Very comfortable, pulls the goods together, and shows just enough booty. This bikini comes in 5 different colors, I’m loving the bright ones! This suit took about 4-5 weeks to come in so order soon!


The Sexy Triangle Bikini – Another suit for $20 on Amazon!! This one is a little confusing to put on with the long skinny strappy top… and it doesn’t always stay put on the goods. Overall, it’s still a great suit if you are with a comfortable crew or if you’ve had a few drinks and are free spirited (the nipples don’t slip… but say hello to underboob and/or sideboob!)

FullSizeRender (129)

The Daring Pludge – welllllll lets start with the positives. This suit is $14.99 which makes it super affordable. It is rare and I LOVE off the shoulder sleeves. Overall, this suit is a challenge. After getting this suit in, which took over a month, I tried it on and realized it was probably only a suit to put on for a quick picture. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for some, I had a few glasses of champagne and went for it. Lets just say South Florida got to see a lot of nip slips that day! This baby is hard to keep up! And while you are pulling the top up, you are also worried that the tiny bottoms are going up your ass. Overall, great for a picture, not very functional… your call! *I’d order a size bigger than usual.

FullSizeRender (132)

The Trusty Athletic Bikini – Anything is possible in this suit! Scanning in at under $20 (again!) and on Amazon (again!) it is a win, win. You might be catching on that I do a lot of last minute shopping on Amazon, ha-ha. This suit is great for just about everything. It is less risqué than the others and I feel comfortable playing sand volleyball, swimming laps or hanging with my parents in it. Plus, it you haven’t shaved or waxed recently then these bottoms are a little more forgiving!


The Strappy Crossover – My most expensive recent swimsuit purchase at $36.00. Still very affordable and a great bikini! The top is a little confusing at first, as it ties around your body. Love that you can make it as tight as you want and it does a good job holding everything together. The straps on the bottom and top are fun and different. Happy with this purchase and excited to get some more items on Missguided!


Hope you all are having a great memorial day!

Until the next adventure,

XX- Blonde Boarding

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