Rowing for the weekend– Intro to Health House!

Guys, I’m sold on indoor rowing. If something makes me want to cry every time I do it, creates a good sore, makes my ass scream, and gets me out of the breath then you better believe I’ll be repeating it. Gotta love that pain!! But let me clear something up… I would never ever do it alone.. I grew up playing sports and am used to team everything. After finishing my last year of college soccer at Mizzou my biggest concern was working out alone. Luckily, I found a group exercise studio that gets results so let me introduce you to Health House. HH is an expanding studio in Kansas City that offers a variety of classes, many of which include rowing.


Health House is friendly and welcoming to everyone. This starts with the owner and instructor, Jon Knopke. His energy is contagious and it creates a positive atmosphere for people who want to work hard and have fun! Everyone that walks in that door is uniquely awesome and I’m pumped to be around them.

The place is spotless. I’m not the most tidy person so this stands out to me vividly. Having a clean space helps clear your mind and makes for a safe workout! The room is industrial, minimalist, and efficient. It is easy to find the weights, towels, weighted balls, and weighted bags. The layout is clear and colors are simple yet appealing.

The instructors are very knowledgeable about teaching and they maintain a healthy lifestyle by example. The other week I began to notice how the instructors will take each others class. The team mentality and support of each other is empowering. Plus, it is an additional person that you know will drive good energy into the room, and help with someone’s form if they may injure themselves.

Most workout are 45 minutes. They go fast and are very challenging. When you sign up for a class you will see all the classes available and they are different daily ranging from rowing, sculpting, weighted, cardio, etc.

Overall,  the energy is incredible! It takes zero time for your adrenaline to start kicking and it lasts the entire class. People are excited, the music is blaring, and before you know it the work the over… and you cannot wait to walk into Health House again for your next class.

Come take a class with me!


Thanks for adventuring,

XX- Blonde Boarding

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